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Change and Development

To comply with the national trend of information technology, combined with the characteristics of the local and to promote Founding Yuanpei Spirit, in 2000, The creation of Information Management, Yuan Pei, at the beginning, two years of evening classes, later, in education policy, technology evaluation, birth rate, and other factors considered, after eight years of development, the total number of students are 513.

Training target system

The Department follows the school "Science and Humanities," "balanced combination of theory and practice”, "unity of academic and techniques " both school and community", business philosophy, and keeps its eyes on school characteristics, location and where the trend of industrial development under the premise of , after the revision of bigger training objectives: " To provide quality primary information management professionals for the health industry, technology industry and digital content industry ".

System offered by the department including the appointment of teachers, laboratory setting, curriculum design, research and development, etc., must abide by the training objectives. The spiritual slogan of department: "Creative vitality of Information Management, certification go Number one ".

Department of Development Goals

Direction of the department is divided into Health e-Life, Sustainability Enterprise And Happiness e-Community three major axis,

  1. Health e-Life: Study includes Health information systems, health information security industry, health knowledge, expert systems.
  2. Sustainability Enterprise: Study includes E-Business, data warehousing and data exploration Survey, Enterprise resource planning, business intelligence and so on.
  3. Happiness e Community: Study includes the development of digital communities, digital archives, reducing digital divide, digital learning.
The three major development objectives t not only close to school of management, and also appropriated match with full-time faculty.